Saturday, August 29, 2009

We have a kitchen!!!!!

The end of this week has seen a lot of activity, not much happened at the beggining but our SS and Wisdom have surely made up for that on Thursday and Friday, as we have.... a Kitchen and bathrooms vanities!

We love the colours and the sides of the island bench has worked good, not quite a waterfall edge but we are really happy with it! It sure beats the cost!

So happy with our SS, we had a few glitches this week but he swifltly fixed them! He is a credit to Wisdom!

Oh, can't wait to cook in this kitchen! I think I'll spend the first few weeks just cooking and cooking! mind you, might just get side tracked looking out at the view...

The barback and overhead cupboards are the same laminex - Smokey Sappelle but with the light the barback looks heaps lighter.


  1. Hi Jochicho,
    I love the look of your kitchen.We are thinking of doing a similar thing with a different colour for the back of island & microwave/wall oven cupboard so it's good to see what it might look like.I really like the smokey sappelle... good choice!
    Good luck with the rest of your build... you are lucky to be at the later stage of building,we are only at the plans in council stage(should be approved this week).

  2. Thanks Loretta. We weren't sure if it would work ok but we are really happy with it. I think someone at the forum did the same you are thinking of doing or similar and it worked quite nicely too, I think it could have been Haze (in the "show me your kitchen" thread) one of the last 10 posts.

    The planning stage is the most stressful part I think, at least for us it was, good luck with your build, looking forward to seeing all your choices come together.

  3. Kitchen colours are good, we're planning polar white lower cupboards, graphite upper cupboards and front of island so quite similar! The "waterfall" edges look nice, we'll have to ask metricon if they can do that for us as the cost in stone is crazy!

  4. Thanks Tim and Tina, we are really happy with the results and the "waterfall" edges. We had to explain it to the kitchen people so I guess it would be worth showing them pics of what you are trying to achieve, it really is just a longer side panel and thicker in lieu of the standard, good luck! don't let them charge you an arm and a leg! we probably were charged a bit too much for ours but they wouldn't budge, still bit the cost of the stone by far.

    I just quickly read a bit of your blog and I agree with not wanting brown! Mind you, Smokey Sapelle seems to throw in a bit of brown depending on the light, but I am still convinced is more grey than brown! I hope the phantom (greyish) splashback finises it off nicely and makes it look greyer ;-)

  5. Love, love, love the Smoky Sappelle. Hopefully my vanities will look as good as your kitchen!

    I notice you also have the same cornice as me.... our taste is outstanding! hahaha

  6. Thanks Jo!!!! yep, we obviously have great taste!

    and Smoky Sappelle is not brown, is it? some people says it is and I keep saying NOooooooooooooo

    Your vanities will look fantastic, I can't wait to see your great selections come together! ;-)