Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some wall tiles and niches pics!

We got up nice and early and went to the house at 7.30am and our nice tilers were there so they were more than happy for us to admire their handywork! I love it when they are so proud of their work!!

Very happy so far - Wisdom, and specially our SS, seem to really know how to pic their tradies! ;-)

Ensuite shower and niche - the niches look darker at the moment as they haven't been finished and they still have the black of the waterproofing around it, can't wait to see them finished and grouted.

Smart tile (well, the outside frame) in ensuite - for you again Fee ;-)

And ensuite again...

Grouted floor tiles in main bathroom

Niche in main bathroom


  1. They are gorgeous, perfect match to your floor tiles. They will look stunning when they grout them, you should be really happy with your choices.I love that long mosaic tile it is beautiful.

  2. Thanks Danma! Glad you also think they are a good match with the floor tiles. I guess we were a bit worried as we didn't go to the tile appoitment, just did it with the sales person... but we are really happy and can't wait for the grout!

    No probs Fee! ;-)