Sunday, May 31, 2009

The most exciting thing so far, we have pegs on our block! We got DA approval on the 12th of May (a record of just over 3 weeks with Hornsby Council, well done HSC!) since then we've been waiting for the Construction Certificate (Wisdom's Private Certifer looks after this) and we went down on Saturday and we saw that have pegs on our block! This must mean that the CC has been released. I will call Wisdom (Ms A) tomorrow to hopefully find out a site start date.

And the view...

Some more pics showing our neighbours progress and the tree gone! (the tree went in less than a week after getting DA approval!)

Pics of block

Here are some pictures of our block, these are from before our neighbours started building and the tree was removed.

Hiya, we've finally decided to start our own blog since we have pegs on our block!

I'll start posting photos of the block and colours and all that when I figure out how to do this blog thing!