Friday, September 25, 2009

She's ours! we have the keys!

A quick post (while I keep packing) just to let you know that we have the keys to our beautiful new house, she's ours!

Handover went well, our SS was lovely as usual - I am going to miss him so much, I'll have withdrawals from calling him, not sure what I'll do with myself now that this is all over, the build has filled all my time and thoughts!

A few pics of the carpets (it's hard to take a pic of the whole room...) and of our kitchen with the appliances, we got our new fridge delivered this afternoon too so it's all there! I think it looks great if I might say so myself!

Oh, and also the hamper Wisdom gave us, can't wait to crack open that champagne!- thanks Wisdom!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Handover Tomorrow Friday 25/09/09

Well, happy to announce that it's all sorted! we've come to an agreement with Wisdom - this just shows once again how much better than other builders they are! but the best news is that...

We are having HANDOVER tomorrow! Can't wait! Our SS and Wisdom have done a fantastic job and a huge effort to get it done in such a short time, we would be grateful forever!

Ok, we are not in the house yet but... are we glad we chose Wisdom as our builder? Yep, we certainly are!

Will try to post pictures on the w/e but it might be a bit difficult as we'll be moving and Telstra might not be up and running for a while but will find a way.

Thanks everyone for your support over the last few months, specially the last few days.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bittersweet news...

Hi everyone,

Like the title says we have some bittersweet news. We have been advised that we could have handover/settlement as early as Friday 25th Sept!!!! but...

It might not happen due to a disagreement that we have with Wisdom over an additional charge ... :-( We had been waiting over 1 week for a response from higher management and we finally got one today but let's just say it's not what we expected. I won't say anymore yet as we want to give Wisdom another chance to redeem this situation...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Timber floorboards sanded and polished!!

This wasn't part of the build but Wisdom was really flexible and good at letting us install them during construction, it shows how much more flexible and understanding than other builders they are, I hope they never change as they grow into a bigger builder.

We went for the wider boards (130mm) and so happy we did! the finish is modified oil in satin (I didn't want them super shiny). Soooo happy with the end result! Well see it for yourselves:

and Driveway in daylight

Soooooo happy with how the driveway came up and how the house is looking in general. Good work Wisdom!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

And we have a driveway!

I never thought that a driveway, yes, a patch of concrete with a stencil on top could make such a difference, but it does! it really finishes up the house, doesn't look like a construction site any longer!

We were going to go with plain concrete and just the brick border but we ended up changing our mind and did the pattern stencil as we thought that if/when the driveway started to fade and/or get stains it would be much more noticeable in the plain concrete... So glad we changed it as we love it! we always thought that a full patterned driveway would look too busy but I don't think so now!

Some action pics and then of the finished product!

Outdoor area (plain coloured concrete)

The concretors did a fantastic job, really happy with their work.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Glass splashback is in!!!!!

Yep, you read right, we have our long awaited Phantom glass splashback! I think I like it, at times I see it too dark but it was cloudy this morning so I guess not the best light... What does everyone think? did we pull it off?