Sunday, September 13, 2009

External painting

External painting has commenced and they've done the gloss coat of the front door in Ironstone, it looks great! So glad we ended up changing the colour as originally the front door was going to be the same colour as the cladding, I think it would have been too plain!

the cladding has also been painted, the colour is Hayley's comet but it looks a bit white to me... we should maybe have gone for the colour match surfmist like the garage door...

The house is really looking like a real house now, can't believe we should be in really soon, can't wait!

Really like the trilock door handle, it's very smart!


  1. gee I really like your entry porch area - it looks really smart!

  2. Thanks Annie! that's a lovely comment! we are really happy with how it's all coming together!