Friday, September 18, 2009

And we have a driveway!

I never thought that a driveway, yes, a patch of concrete with a stencil on top could make such a difference, but it does! it really finishes up the house, doesn't look like a construction site any longer!

We were going to go with plain concrete and just the brick border but we ended up changing our mind and did the pattern stencil as we thought that if/when the driveway started to fade and/or get stains it would be much more noticeable in the plain concrete... So glad we changed it as we love it! we always thought that a full patterned driveway would look too busy but I don't think so now!

Some action pics and then of the finished product!

Outdoor area (plain coloured concrete)

The concretors did a fantastic job, really happy with their work.

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