Saturday, September 5, 2009

Plumbing done and shower screens installed!

Well, over the last week and a half the house has seen a lot of action. The plumbing has been done which means all the taps are in and so it's the bath and the toilets, it really looks like a house now!

The shower screens have also been installed. They are the semi-frameless ones, could not justify upgrading to the full frameless but I think this ones still look pretty good, can't have it all right?

Can't wait to have a nice relaxing bath here! We still don't know if we'll install the frosting film on this window (yeah, we sort of forgot to get the translucent glass...) or just put some venetian blinds...

The dark dunny! will have to put a nice pendant light and something else on the wall to brighten up this toilet...


  1. This is the fastest build I've ever seen! Everything looks fantastic, it's lovely when the build is smooth and the SS is wonderful isn't it?

    The views in the pics in the other post are just gorgeous and all your selections look beautiful.

    "The dark dunny" hahaha!! Spoken like a true Aussie Eva! lol

  2. I'm glad you didn't upgrade to the frameless showers. I have had so many people complain after I have installed them because they leak like you wouldn't believe. Don't get film on your bathroom windows, the humidity will make it bubble and peel off. Let me know when you are ready and I can get you some white lami and install it, I have plenlty of rubber left over from ours :D

  3. Thanks Jo! we are pretty happy with our selections so far, I guess all these months of stressing over them are a blast from the past!

    Yeah, we had a very stressful time in the planning process so very happy that our SS has made the build so pleasant! I still can't believe it, specially after reading so many nightmares builds in the forum

    haha, I find the word "dunny" so funny, I guess it's the wog in me! ;-. I guess after being in Oz for 10 years I can start sounding like an aussie at times!

    Oh Mark, now I am glad that we didn't upgrade to frameless then! imagine paying all that extra money and then have them leaking! not good!

    Oh.... would it peel off... Bummer! white lami, is that white laminated glass? Thanks heaps for the offer! will it work really expensive though? I have been meaning to ask you for a quote for the laundry screen door too, but that's not urgent though. Well, if we end up doing that then you and Fee come come over for a bbq or something too when you come to install it! ;-) you can have a sneaky peak! ;-)

  4. Yeah white lami is what all you guys call trans laminate :P To do all our bathroom windows was about $250 to buy a sheet. Just do me a favour and write all the sizes down on the yellow stickers on the glass now. That way I wont have to come and measure it, doesn't matter if I do though.

  5. Thanks Mark! we only have two windows, the one in the main bathroom and the small one on the ensuite, it's probably the same as yours, isn't it? The windows don't have yellow stickers though... at least I had a look from the outside tonight, they only have white stickers and not sure the size is on them, I'll have a look in the daylight tomorrow... I'll have to check with hubby if he wants to do the lami... Thanks heaps for the offer!