Monday, September 21, 2009

Bittersweet news...

Hi everyone,

Like the title says we have some bittersweet news. We have been advised that we could have handover/settlement as early as Friday 25th Sept!!!! but...

It might not happen due to a disagreement that we have with Wisdom over an additional charge ... :-( We had been waiting over 1 week for a response from higher management and we finally got one today but let's just say it's not what we expected. I won't say anymore yet as we want to give Wisdom another chance to redeem this situation...


  1. Oh no!!! But it doesn't surprise me at all. We had a problem with an additional charge that we didn't agree with, it look them 3 weeks to ring us back after Mark calling every few days. We finally got a call back and they basically said tough shit you have to pay it. I think head office is slipping, they're too busy.
    I hope that your news is better. Goodluck chicky :).

  2. Thanks darling! I appreciate your support. Fingers crossed.

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