Thursday, September 24, 2009

Handover Tomorrow Friday 25/09/09

Well, happy to announce that it's all sorted! we've come to an agreement with Wisdom - this just shows once again how much better than other builders they are! but the best news is that...

We are having HANDOVER tomorrow! Can't wait! Our SS and Wisdom have done a fantastic job and a huge effort to get it done in such a short time, we would be grateful forever!

Ok, we are not in the house yet but... are we glad we chose Wisdom as our builder? Yep, we certainly are!

Will try to post pictures on the w/e but it might be a bit difficult as we'll be moving and Telstra might not be up and running for a while but will find a way.

Thanks everyone for your support over the last few months, specially the last few days.


  1. That's wonderful news! So glad that everything worked out for you. OMG! Handover tomorrow! How exciting!!!! I bet it doesn't feel real yet. All the best for your move, hope everything goes smoothly. Looking forward to seeing the moved in pics once you've settled into that gorgeous house of yours! Much love xoxo

  2. Thanks Darling! Yep, very excited but you are quite right, it doesn't feel real yet!
    Oh gosh, not looking forward to the move at all! I haven't been very organised this week at all! I still haven't found my alarm clock after the last move (into the granny flat) I wonder what will go "missing" this time! hahahahaha

    Thanks heaps F&S! xoxoxoxox

  3. Oh my Jochicho....already??!! Gee, that was a fast build. Congrats to Wisdom & your SS for their great organisational skills. Hope they don't grown any bigger & forget about the home owner, like so many other builders.
    Good luck with handover & the move. Hope all goes smoothly.
    Will be looking forward to catching up with your blog next month...hope you'll have lots of pics!!!

  4. that is amazing - soooo fast! My slab went down about a week after yours and we are at least a month of finishing!!! I wish you'd update your timeline chart to the right so I can see what was done by when... pleeeeezzze

  5. Hey mate !! congratulations. Your house looks fantastic !! Its been pleasure followin g your blog and posts on home one and learnt heaps from your experiences !! Now the hardwork is almost over its your special family time in the new house , have a fantastic moving in party !! goodluck and cheerz!1

  6. Thanks Southies! yes, they have been fantastic and I so hope too that they don't become like other builders as they grow bigger and that they always continue to care, I think they will!

    Oh Annie, you'll be there in no time! Ok.... I'll try to update the timeline but can't promise it will be in the next couple of weeks as I don't think we'll have internet or much time! I think some things I won't know as I got dizzy at one point from so much activity! ;-)

    Thanks Nirman! You are too kind. I loved the post your little girl did the other day ;-) I thought it was very cute! Sorry, I haven't been posting too much lately but it's been just so busyyyyy

  7. Hi Mate

    I am also thinking to start building with Wisdom Prosperity 24 . But we are still in early stages. Love to see someone done the same thing .Please let me know if there anything we need to consider before building, any issues with builder?