Friday, June 26, 2009

We have a slab!!!!

Let me introduce you to my new best friend..... The Slab!!!
I have been waiting nearly 7 months to meet her ! ;-)

Sneaked out of work this morning, after our SS told me that they had started to pour the slab, but unfortunately I got there just as they finished pouring so I missed the action, not to worry I got to see this beauty (haha, all us building are VERY sad getting excited about these things):

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We have Waffle Pods!!!!!

I went for my daily visit to the block (well nightly really, as I never get back from work before 7pm...) and saw that all the waffle pods are in place!! yay!

SS called today to advise that weather permitting the slab should be poured tomorrow! we are sooooo excited!

Good work Wisdom, they've made the most of the last few gorgeous weather days!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We have pipes!

I went to the block last night after work and I found that we had pipes! Yep, the plumbing had commenced and we had white pipes sticking out of the ground.

If anyone would have told me 12 mths ago that I would ever get this excited about white plumbing pipes sticking out of the ground I don't think I would have believed them! haha

Happy to see that Wisdom is making the most of the good sunny weather! We might have a slab soon?

Here are some pics, it was pitch dark so I had to use the car headlights, I think the pics came up ok considering...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

And here are some pics we took yesterday, the piers have been finished and the block has been leveled and the sand/gravel spread over the piers...

Piering Done 18.06.09

I take my hat off to Wisdom , it poured down overnight so the place was a mud field and they still came out and did the holes for the piers and were about to fill them when I left the block at 2.30pm! Good work Wisdom!
(I had to go and see the depth of the piers as some of them were deeper than what was included in the contract, we only had up to 1.5m deep in contract, but it will work out ok as most of the front ones are way below the 1.5m, most average half that size)
Pics of the action on Thursday:

Monday, June 15, 2009

We've been benched!

We sneaked out from work at lunchtime to see if something had happened on the block and... We've been benched! yay! We are so stoked about it. Go Wisdom!

All the fill has been leveled out and the block is now nice and flat with the step in the middle, even the drop edge beam at the back doesn't look like it's going to be all that huge (let's hope it stays that way). Hopefully we'll get the piering done tomorrow, fingers crossed the weather holds up!

The leveled out block:

The step (split, it's only a 340mm step down)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

While we wait...

While we wait for Monday to arrive and the benching to start (rain you better stop right now!) I thought I would post some "action" pics from the w/e.

We went down to the block yesterday to see if all the dirt (fill) had been finally dumped and we happened to be there when the truck got there to drop some more fill off (his second last load!). Nice shiny truck! (well, am I going insane now and becoming a truck spotter??).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Not yet... :-(

Is it Friday 13th today? it certainly feels like it, nothing went our way today (and another building buddy didn't have good news today either, hang in there Danma, I'm sure it will work out!)

We were all set for benching to start on our block today, as our SS had advised us, but it wasn't to be... nothing to do with the weather of course, perfect sunny day! I think the builder might have misjudged the amount of fill we needed so today was spent bringing in truckloads of dirt...

Spoke to the SS this afternoon (the last thing he needs on a Friday I am sure), I think he could tell that I was on a low and very disappointed but promised that benching will get done on Monday.

I guess after seeing the great progress on Principessa’s (F+S) site at the Ponds I thought we would at least get the benching done today as planned... oh well, I'm sure they'll make up for it!

It's supposed to start raining on Wednesday so I guess that's what made us a bit sadder today to not see all that much progress… Oh well, let's stop dwelling on it and at least I will post a couple of pics of our fill piles and the portaloo on site.

Thanks for your comments and encouragement everyone (Southies, Nirman...), sorry I haven't replied but I am having problems posting comments on blogs (even my own) from my home PC...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Site Start Friday 12 June!!!!

Yay Wisdom! we got contacted by Wisdom today to advise that we'll have excavation next Friday, I imagine that this will depend on the rain so please weather be good and at least stop raining by next Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Site Start???

We've heard back from Wisdom today and they have advised that they were planning to commence excavation this Friday but that it might end up being early next week instead because of the rain... Ms A said she'll get back to us later with a scheduled date!

Yay! I can't believe that we might be finally starting, so exciting (and scary too)!