Friday, June 26, 2009

We have a slab!!!!

Let me introduce you to my new best friend..... The Slab!!!
I have been waiting nearly 7 months to meet her ! ;-)

Sneaked out of work this morning, after our SS told me that they had started to pour the slab, but unfortunately I got there just as they finished pouring so I missed the action, not to worry I got to see this beauty (haha, all us building are VERY sad getting excited about these things):


  1. She is a sexy slab lol, We are all sad but hey we all understand how it feels :) congrats on the slab

  2. Congrats mate !! when's the slab party ? are we invited ??

  3. that is fantastic E! I'm sure the frame will go up quick smart :)

  4. Thanks M, and Nirman and Hermyleen and Amanda, I can't stop looking at our slab, I am definitely in love with it! haha