Sunday, June 21, 2009

Piering Done 18.06.09

I take my hat off to Wisdom , it poured down overnight so the place was a mud field and they still came out and did the holes for the piers and were about to fill them when I left the block at 2.30pm! Good work Wisdom!
(I had to go and see the depth of the piers as some of them were deeper than what was included in the contract, we only had up to 1.5m deep in contract, but it will work out ok as most of the front ones are way below the 1.5m, most average half that size)
Pics of the action on Thursday:


  1. Those poor buggers!!! Hats off to Wisdom for getting things moving !

  2. Yeah, I know! Very impressed and the tradies and SS still had a smile on their face!

    (I can finally post comments but only from my work PC... Not sure how to fix the home PC!)