Friday, June 12, 2009

Not yet... :-(

Is it Friday 13th today? it certainly feels like it, nothing went our way today (and another building buddy didn't have good news today either, hang in there Danma, I'm sure it will work out!)

We were all set for benching to start on our block today, as our SS had advised us, but it wasn't to be... nothing to do with the weather of course, perfect sunny day! I think the builder might have misjudged the amount of fill we needed so today was spent bringing in truckloads of dirt...

Spoke to the SS this afternoon (the last thing he needs on a Friday I am sure), I think he could tell that I was on a low and very disappointed but promised that benching will get done on Monday.

I guess after seeing the great progress on Principessa’s (F+S) site at the Ponds I thought we would at least get the benching done today as planned... oh well, I'm sure they'll make up for it!

It's supposed to start raining on Wednesday so I guess that's what made us a bit sadder today to not see all that much progress… Oh well, let's stop dwelling on it and at least I will post a couple of pics of our fill piles and the portaloo on site.

Thanks for your comments and encouragement everyone (Southies, Nirman...), sorry I haven't replied but I am having problems posting comments on blogs (even my own) from my home PC...


  1. What a shame E&R :( Must be such an anti-climax after waiting so patiently for so long. I'm starting to feel guilty that ours is going so fast!!! You'll be up and away on Monday and catching up to us in no time xox

  2. Hi E+R,
    My 1st visit to your blog i will keep an eye on your blog, Sorry to here about the delays i'm sure it will start to rocket forward and we will be seeing lots of pics :)

    Lookinf forward to your next update

  3. What a pain in the ***!!!!! Hang in there - it does get better, trust me. Once they start, it goes up soooo quickly.