Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We have pipes!

I went to the block last night after work and I found that we had pipes! Yep, the plumbing had commenced and we had white pipes sticking out of the ground.

If anyone would have told me 12 mths ago that I would ever get this excited about white plumbing pipes sticking out of the ground I don't think I would have believed them! haha

Happy to see that Wisdom is making the most of the good sunny weather! We might have a slab soon?

Here are some pics, it was pitch dark so I had to use the car headlights, I think the pics came up ok considering...


  1. Firstly, Congrats on the start of your new home. Your pics are surreal. I thought Wisdom would build anywhere but on Mars...c'mon..??? It is amazing, your pics look like a Mars landscape and the house/ streetlights in the background look like stars (very cool). We both hope you have fine weather and a speedy build.

  2. Thanks B&M! haha, how funny, it does look like Mars! Yeah, Wisdom can do anything, even on Mars, ;-)

    Your place is looking great and it's just flying!