Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OMG We have frames and roof trusses!!!!

OMG, we really can't believe, this is just awesome work by Wisdom!
I got a call this morning to say that the frames have been delivered, and then another call in the afternoon to let us know that "some work" had been done (haha F) and this is what we found.... It's all done!!!!
We are going back there very early in the am to get daylight pics!!! This is so exciting, we got to walk THROUGH our house!!!

Front of the house (excuse the car working as spot lights)

The nice stacker doors to the outdoor area

The outdoor area (concrete will be done at the same time as driveway)

Entry hallway


  1. OMG, I cant believe your frame is up!!! Your flying along!! good work wisdom

  2. Looking fantastic, bring on those bricks.....It's just great news....

  3. Yep, your house is on Mars! Your progress is out of this world!! As James implied, I think you must be building during the night (hehe) Great stuff & Congrats

  4. Wow that's great, don't you love it when it happens all so quickly without any waiting around. Can't wait for the next stage :D

  5. That is so quick! I hope we are as lucky when the time comes :)

  6. Thanks everyone! we are still shocked!

    Yeah, B+M's we've been building at night haha, I think the builders's must have as one day there was a slab... and then the next day there was this! Amazing! I really hope we keep going along at this speed! (well, maybe they can take a few more days with the bricks, I really want nice neat bricks ;-))

    Any start on your block yet Amanda? Hope so! Oh, I am sure you'll fly through too, you deserve it! I'll check everyone's blogs tonight.