Friday, July 10, 2009

More progress on the pics 10/07/09

The brickies have kept going and are working in the mud pit, bless them! they are doing a slower progress (as there's only half of them on site now) but a really nice neat job, very good workmanship. Pics from 7.30am today.

They've started on the facade

And also on the Eastern side, this is the window of Bed 3


  1. In this pic the brick's look a really dark grey but in the other one they look a completely different colour. They both look great...

  2. How exciting!!!! I wonder whether your build will be another lightning Wisdom build, as was BobBuilder's......

  3. oh yes, this looks wonderful doesn't it... we will hopefully have a frame in a week, so we aren't far behind you... I'll keep an eye on your blog to know what we can expect each week!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Yeah, I agree Danma, the bricks seem to look a different colour depending on the light and time of the day but I guess that was one of the things we liked about them, it will make us feel like we have different bricks each day! haha

    I hope so Southies! so far we've been flying through so can't really complain. The brickies are just wonderful and take a lot of pride in their work.

    I just had a look at your slab Annie, looks good. Isn't it exciting? These first few big steps I think are the most exciting ones!