Sunday, July 19, 2009

We have a roof! Tiles are on!

The house is really taking shape now, with the roof tiles on and the bricks finished, we love it! the brickies have done such a fantastic job and the tilers are nearly finished.
I think they might have run out of tiles, as we looked for unbroken tiles (to keep some in the garage as spares) and we could not find any and then we noticed the bold patch on the right hand side of the house... The outdoor leisure is looking good too. This pic was taken from the EVIL deck, it might as well come in handy for something... I'll try to ignore the fact that you can see straight into the whole house, I don't want to upset myself again and I am hoping they'll put the privacy screen up anway.

Another angle of the outdoor leisure. The brickwork is just so nice, I can't wait to see it cleaned up!


  1. You are absolutely flying!!!! Great stuff! Hopefully you reach a resolution with your neighbours... waiting and hoping for you. Everything is crossed!

  2. Looking good, it will go so fast, enjoy each new stage as it comes along.
    You will be locked up before you know it (that's the house!!! not you!!!)hehehe...

  3. Thanks girls and thanks for your support.

    haha, well, I might be locked up if we can't reach a resolution with the neighbours! I will hate lock up though as I won't be able to get into my house whenever I want anymore though!