Thursday, July 16, 2009

Facsia, gutters and roof battens on

Hiya, I have been a bit slack at updating this as I have been busy being very upset about the Evil deck from hell our neighbours went and build! all you from HomeOne would have read all about it on my thread...

So our poor little house has been a bit neglected and it's not fair to the house or to Wisdom - as they are doing a great job so far. Well, not sure about one thing... (I'll have to try to get hold of the SS first thing tomorrow) as the battens are on but there's no sign of the Sarking! ummmm, I would have sworn that the sarking goes down first and then the battens on top... Pls correct me if I am wrong! I am sure they'll fix it though so not stressing (much anyway) yet...

The bricks were finished on Tuesday, the roof tiles have arrived, the facsia and gutters are on and so are the roof battens (where is the sarking???)

I haven't been to the block in daytime since Tuesday so I am afraid that I only have a couple of bad night photos... sorry!


  1. Looking good even at night!! Hope the sarking issue gets corrected quickly.

  2. Ohhh night pic's, looking fantastic. Yep our sarking went on first then the batons.

  3. Thanks Southies and Danma.

    Well, if they forgot they realised soon enough as I went by the block this morning and the sarking was installed. It look like it had more cuts (joints) than normal but hope it's ok... Not sure why they put the batons first...