Monday, July 27, 2009

Cladding is on!

The cladding on the facade has been installed, it's now taking shape!

The metal capping above the corbel bricks will be painted the same colour as the cladding (I think the final cladding colour will be similar to the current colour, maybe they won't bother painint it haha). This was something that didn't come up at colour selection and we freaked when we saw it in Ironstone (apparently it got done on that colour to match the front door) but the SS advised that they'll fix it by painting it so it's all good!

Plaster didn't end up starting today as they got delayed at another job. Not to worry, I guess it gives us something else to look forward to tomorrow or the next day (when they manage to start).


  1. That cladding will be fantastic, it adds another dimension into the house. Love the side lights they are looking really good,just waiting for the door to go on. It will all come together very soon.

  2. Thanks Danma, really happy with the cladding too, it really shapes the facade.

    I can't wait to see the sidelight (we only have the one, well split into top and bottom panel) painted ironstone, I know I have a bit to wait for that though..

  3. I can't belive how much faster all you guys are going. They have even trimmed out and sheeted your eaves! Looks like we lucked out on the supervisor draw!

  4. Yes, they are truly flying. I guess my worry over whether the $5K extra for building out of their normal build area would be put to good use should be over as they our SS is really keeping them going!

    You guys should start moving along soon too, the missing brickies mistery has to be solved!!! Not on!