Sunday, May 31, 2009

The most exciting thing so far, we have pegs on our block! We got DA approval on the 12th of May (a record of just over 3 weeks with Hornsby Council, well done HSC!) since then we've been waiting for the Construction Certificate (Wisdom's Private Certifer looks after this) and we went down on Saturday and we saw that have pegs on our block! This must mean that the CC has been released. I will call Wisdom (Ms A) tomorrow to hopefully find out a site start date.


  1. I just love those red pegs, they mean you are not too far aay from a start.
    Hopefully that rain will stay away......
    Look forward to following your journey......

  2. Great to see a start Jocicho!! Will follow your build with interest. Just remember not to get worked up over little things. You do get past them just as the rest of us have.

  3. Thanks heaps Danma, yep, let's hope the rain stays away when we start...

    Thanks Southies, I will keep that in mind, I think having followed the progress of many of you in the forum has helped me get into the right frame of mind...

  4. Yay!! You've got the red pegs. It's soo exciting. Your view is fantastic, so lucky :D Can't wait to see your blog continue.

  5. Great to see your blog and congrats on those lovely red pegs! I'm hoping ours are only a few days away. You block looks great. Looking forward to watching your house grow.
    - From the "other" Fee :)

  6. Thank you everyone (principesa and princessfee as well as Southies and Danma) for your comments and encouraging!

    I am only new at this blog thing but it's great to have comments already from my forum buddies!