Saturday, August 15, 2009

More tiles pics - with grout!

Our brickies were back today to try to repair all the damage done by the other trades (especially the roof tilers). Unfortunately they did not replace all the chipped bricks as they were afraid that they could not match the mortar colour as they were using a different batch of sand - how I wish they or the SS had told me this when they did the bricks as I would have happily kept a couple of buckets full of that sand! oh well, we'll have to live with chipped bricks and I guess we won't see them after a while (or so each trade keeps telling us! haha).

Ok, back to the interesting stuff - thanks to the brickies we managed to get into the house and we have grout! yep, our beautiful (well, at least to our eyes) niches are grouted and so are the wall tiles! oh, we also have a tiled bath.

Sorry for the pic overlaoad but do you notice we LOVE our bathrooms? ;-)

Main bathroom niche
Main bathroom niche - do we love them? ;-) the photos don't really do them any justice, here it looks like brown and olive colours when they are more like grey and taupe...

Main bathroom bath and shower hob

We have a tiled bath!

Ensuite - the vanities will be were there's missing tiles

and the ensuite again

and again....


  1. Hi E&R, I am upto choosing my tiles but realize the floor tile in the bathrooms are rather small. What is your colour and tile size in the bathroom? How much extra did you have to pay if you don't mind me asking? Nat

  2. Thanks Amanda! we are really happy so far.

    Hi Natalie, I think the colour it's called taupe and they are 450 x 450. I can't remember how much extra it was all together, but the tile is $42 per sqm and then you have the extra laying charges because is bigger than a 250 x 250 tile on a wet area (I think that extra charge is about $24 per sqm)