Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st pics of the floor tiles...

We went down to the house today just after 7.30am hoping the tilers were there so we could get in and they were and hard at work so we were able to have a look and see yesterday's progress!

We really like how the tiles are coming up and very happy with the progress, I keep telling hubby that our SS is a magician!

Tiles at the portico - he was doing the step in this pic

Toilet - the size of the tiles worked perfectly here as they are 450 x 450 and the toilet is 900 wide! ;-)

Main bathroom shower & the cut out for the smart tile (this one is for your Fee)

Main bathroom floor



  1. Ooh, I feel a colorbond man moment coming on!!! I am in love ;). Didn't we get the same tiles? But ours are 400x400. I have got soo many butterflies in my tummy atm I feel like a schoolgirl - hehe. I loooovvvee the smart tiles aswell. I love it all (can you tell that I am excited?). Keep the pics coming. We are supposed to be getting fascia action tomorrow, but I reckon that it'll be today. Fingers, toes, arms and everything else that you can cross, crossed.

  2. We love the render colour too. Portico is Manhatten and Part Render is Beige Chalk.
    Yeah we are nearly there. We are really only waiting now. We have been told by our S/S that our h/over may be around 28th Aug(pending weather/ orders etc etc)
    We are so lucky to be allowed on site before h/over, shows the true measure of your S/S I think.
    I was looking at your timeline earlier. 2 months and you are tiling.... HOLY COW!!!! We always knew our build to lock up was quick but you guys are Michael Phelps competing at a primary school swim carnival.
    What tiles did you use for the floors, they are very nice?
    Love watching your progress, although it is hard to keep up ;) (lol).

  3. Thanks Fee! Tell me about the butterflies! Yeah, very happy too that we went with the smart tile, I think they'll look very smart, hahaha
    Thanks for loving our choices so far, remember, until you get yours they are your tiles too! hahahah Bring on that facsia! I am finding it hard to walk with everything crossed for you! ;-)

    Thanks B+M! wow! handover on the 28th,that will be fantastic! Yep, it does show how good our SS is! he is the best! The render looks fantastic.

    Haha, we don't have the kitchen or vanities yet though, our schedule has been turned a bit back to front because of your timber floorboards going in before the kitchen - they'll be installed next week. So we are not as far ahead as it sounds! haha, Michael Phelps at a primary school, that's a funny one!

    Our floortiles were an upgrade, I think the code is DC1944.

    haha, it sure it's hard to keep up with the progress, they are flying, I am getting dizzy! not complaining though!