Monday, August 10, 2009

Tilers Lunch - Korean's do it in style!

The tilers are on site! we met them at the house on Saturday to explain how we would like the feature tiles in the niches laid and while we were looking around at all the progress the hard working tilers were having lunch in our theatre room (they had spent the morning laying the bedding for the tiles in the wet areas).

I couldn't help but take this picture after they finished, they sure do it in style! There's no comparison with the wheelbarrows or picnic chairs the other tradies have been using to have their lunch on. Nope, they had chairs (gypbrock buckets) with colourful cushions and a makeshift table - our laundry tub! Check it out, it's just too cute!
I really don't think there was chicko rolls or petrol station pies on the menu either!


  1. How funny, they just brought their kettle to our build, I didn't see the lovely cushions.

  2. How fantastic! My boyfriend is a carpenter and he said that sometimes there are big crews (10 or 12) of Chinese guys that do the plaster. One guy will stop and set up a little gas stove and cook noodles and meat and vegies in a broth for lunch. That is the way to do it!

    These guys have got it right, I'd much rather a delicious home cooked lunch than some crappy take away! lol

  3. I haven't seen the kettle yet Danma, I guess here they bring the lovely colourful cushions instead!

    I agree Jo! these guys have got it right, lunch is an importan meal of the day and they take it seriously!

    Yeah I thought it was the cutest thing F+S I had to share it with you all!