Monday, August 24, 2009

We have a water tank and downpipes!

Well, some more progress on the house, I guess now things are just slower and not as big as all the steps up to here (apart form the kitchen and vanities, the arrival of those will be huge!)
But happy with any little progress. We have down pipes:

And a nice fat 3000L water tank! I say fat as it's too fat for its pants! ;-) it doesn't quite fit on its concrete slab, haha. It's hanging a bit on either side, the pics below show it a bit clearer. I guess they'll have to add a bit more concrete to the sides when they do the driveway later on? not sure, I'm sure our SS will let us know. Really like the ironstone colour!


  1. Oh lucky are you Jochicho!!!! Good on ya Wisdom........EB installed an ugly ROUND watertank for us - stingy so-and-so's ! Lovin' your colours too! Looks fabulous!

  2. Thanks Southies! We love our water tank. When we first signed with Wisdom their standard tank was also a bit ugly round one and the slim line ones were plastic and about $2,000 extra but then half way through our planning process they managed to do the deal with this tank supplier and now the slim line ones (up to 3000L I think) are standard! so they've done great I must say.

    Thanks, we are so happy with the colours so far.